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Are you a SMUGgle?

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I have posted in earlier blogs about how much regard I have for the Mayo Clinic and the social media work that they put in. See this post

This is, to some extent, down to Lee Aase, the social media manager there.   You can learn more about Lee by looking in on his Twitter profile here

Lee seems to have boundless energy to oversee one of the most cohesive social media presences I have seen, to regularly feed his Twitter stream, but also to give unselfishly with something he calls SMUG – The Social Media University, Global.

There is a great deal to like about this website, but I’ll keep my commendations to just two.

Firstly is the way that Lee has created a sense of a spoof university as an environment to present his material about social media.  It even has its own motto – Suus non ut Difficile – which translates into the enabling and reassuring message “It’s not that hard.”

Secondly though is that the SMUG website contains a massive amount of free information about how to use social media.

I recommend this website to anyone who wants to find out more about the how, why and what of social media – and a big thanks to Lee for his service in putting this out there.

Oh, and the SMUGgle thing?  You’ll have to go to his website to find out.